OX Ranch

The first settlers known to have discovered the O X Ranch Headquarters were the members of the Weaver Party as they headed from California to Prescott in 1863 in search of gold.  A few miles past the ranch they made their famous gold discovery at Rich Hill.  This led to a large influx of miners who established a wagon trail through the Ranch as they headed from California and LaPaz to the Prescott area.  One of these

early settlers was Charles Genung who later described his sighting of the Ranch Headquarters as follows: 

When we came in sight of Date Creek, we all stopped to feast our eyes on what we all agreed was the most beautiful place we had ever seen. It was a green meadow with grass of different kinds growing all over it, and some of the grass was four feet, or more, in height.

Because of the large number of settlers using the wagon trail through the ranch and the Indian attacks, in 1867 the United States Government created a military fort known as Camp Date Creek.  What is now the headquarters of the O X Ranch, was an ideal location for the Military Camp because of the three spring fed perennial streams that converge at the

headquarters and the rich soil that could provide the feed needed for the horses and mules used at the Camp.

Camp Date Creek was the site of many significant historic events.  Barry Goldwater’s great uncle, Joseph Goldwater, was shot during an Indian ambush a few miles north of the Camp and was rushed to the Camp’s hospital where

the bullets were removed from his back.  There was also an attempted assassination of General Crook there in 1872.  General Crook later acquired ownership of a portion of the O X Ranch.  Since the abandonment of the Post in 1874, the ranch and farm have continued to operate.  For additional historical information, click HERE.

OX Ranch