OX Ranch

The industrialization of the meat industry has transformed meat into a commodity and has replaced the producers incentive to produce quality with an incentive to cut the cost of production. At the O X Ranch, we are proud to play a role in returning the industry to the days when each farmer and rancher placed their reputation on the line and worked to provide the highest quality healthiest beef in a humane and environmentally responsible manner.

These are a few of the environmental projects we have undertaken at the O X Ranch.

 In collaboration with the Arizona Department of Game & Fish, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Arizona State Land Department, the Yavapai County Audubon Society, and the University of Arizona, the O X Ranch has undertaken numerous environmental projects including: 

 Annual Range monitoring program of the land and vegetation

 Solar powered well pumps and ranch house

 Eradication of invasive species

 Erosion control projects

 Trees planted for migratory birds

 Monitoring of bird populations

 Underground irrigation lines to conserve water

 Educational tours

 Fenced riparian areas to control grazing impact

 Introduced beaver to the stream.

 Added water lines

 Cattle rotated regularly through pastures

 Laser leveled fields to conserve water

 No-till seeding

 Created quail habitat

 Range health enhancement project

 Increased number of water facilities for cattle and wildlife

We, as ranchers on public lands, feel strongly about acting as stewards of the land - and believe that ranchers provide the best solution to managing the health of the land. This concept is well recognized and is often talked about in mainstream media. Click HERE for more information about what we have done to make this ranch what we believe to be the BEST RANCH in Arizona!


OX Ranch